The History of Macrotech

Macrotech was formalized as a corporation in 1982. The focus of the company began with breakthrough technology upgrades for Alpha Microsystems hardware. The company has an impressive list of high technology firsts for the Alpha Micro, including:
  • The first 1MB RAM Board for the S-100.
  • The first intelligent I/O board using DMA on the S-100 bus.
  • The only memory that runs zero waits states on the AM-100/L system.
  • The only 6MB piggyback board for the AM-1000 and AM-1200.
  • The only I/O that allows expansion beyond 32 ports on teh AM-2000M and VME CPUs.
  • The only third party memory for Alpha Micro VME systems.
  • The only 68020 intelligent I/O for Alpha Micro VME systems.
Macrotech continues to provide leading edge hardware design to the Publishing Industry, and has played an integral part in many hardware and software solutions and training for companies such as Intel, Apple, Lucent, a subdivision of Rockwell International now known as Conexant, the Department of Defense, and many more. Browse to our PROJECTS page to view more information about hardware designs created by Macrotech.

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