Macrotech International Corporation

Welcome to MacrotechMacrotech has a commitment to provide quality service to publishing and prepress businesses, with a proven track record of providing superior technology to meet the industry's changing needs. Macrotech was founded in 1982 and has provided cost-effective products and services to customers throughout the world. Read more about Macrotech's accomplishments on our HISTORY page.

We specialize in custom hardware design, and have created a low cost upgrade solutions for Dianippon scanner users. Now you can save thousands of dollars and keep up with the competition by upgrading your system with UltraLink. We also create add-in boards for Alpha Micro users, including the APU Rack Chassis, APU I/O Board and the APU Mini-Chassis.

Macrotech has provided superior custom hardware design for many other companies. Take a look at our PROJECTS page to find out more about past and future projects such as the EFS-1 digital film adapter from Silicon Film Technologies for your 35MM camera. 

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