Scan directly to your Macintosh computer with UltraLink's CT features.

UltraLink provides the capability to scan images directly into a Macintosh computer, allowing you to edit the images with standard desktop publishing tools such as Photoshop. The full range of the scanner's color computer is maximized. UltraLink also allows you to record digital images to photographic film.

Images can be directly manipulated in a variety of popular file formats, including TIFF, CMYK, TIFF single color, Scitex CT, PSImage, and DCS. There is no intermediate post processing required to scan or record images. Even very large or highly magnified images can be scanned in a single pass. 

Scanning also occurs with a real-time preview window, allowing an immediate visual verification of scanned images. Scan and record operations can run in background mode, allowing your computer to multi-task.

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