Frequently Asked Questions about UltraLink

Q. What product configurations are there?
A. UltraLink is available in four configurations:
  • CT Record, which gives you the ability to record image data from your desktop computer to the record drum through the scanner's dot generator.
  • Scan and CT Record, which gives you full bi-directional CT capability.
  • CT Record and RIP Record, which gives you the ability to process PostScript files.
  • All of the above, included in one package.
Q. What scanner models are supported?
A. UltraLink supports most Dianippon Screen scanners. The list includes the following models:
  • 608
  • 618
  • 688
  • 737
  • 747
  • 757


  • 777
  • 818
  • 888
Q. What are the components of your product?
A. The complete product, which supports RIP functions, scan and CT record, consists of the following items:
  • Macintosh software application (installed on Mac)
  • PCI Fibre Channel Host Adapter (installed in the Mac)
  • Shielded Fibre Channel Cable (up to 33 meters)
  • Metal enclosure containing several circuit boards
  • Small circuit board that picks off electrical signals inside scanner/recorder
  • Pick-up cable and several miscellaneous cables
  • Harlequin Software RIP (installed on Mac)
  • Security Dongle
Q. What is Fibre Channel?
A. Fibre Channel is a 1GB per second transfer technology for high speed I/O networking. It is an open industry standard as defined by ANSI and OSI standards. It operates over copper wire and fiber optic cabling. Fibre Channel is ideal for the high speed transfer and storage of video, graphics and images.
Q. What are the advantages of using Fibre Channel over SCSI interface connections?
A. There are four good reasons to choose Fibre Channel, including:
  • Speed: Current Fibre Channel supports 100 MB per second transfer rate. 
  • Reliability: Fibre Channel is designed to reject more common mode noise than SCSI. Additionally, Fibre Channel has various levels of error detection with various levels of retry in the unlikely event of an error, whereas SCSI simply fails when an error occurs.
  • Distance: Regular SCSI is limited to 15 feet. Using conventional copper wire, Fibre Channel can go 100 feet. Fiber optic media can be used for even greater distances. SCSI requires either 50 or 68 conductor cables. Fibre Channel requires only a 2 twisted pair shielded wire. UltraLink comes standard with the copper implementation of Fibre Channel. If desired, fiber optic cable can be adapted.
  • Flexibility: SCSI is primarily intended as an interface to desktop peripherals such as disk drives. SCSI has a limited protocol command set defined, whereas Fibre Channel is designed to carry various protocols such as TCP/IP, HPPI and SCSI.
Q. Can I record images to film in the same operation of scanning and saving images to the Macintosh computer?
A. Yes. You operate the scanner as you normally would in standalone mode. The image being recorded to film is the same image being saved to disk, allowing you to simultaneously make film proofs while scanning. If the output size of the image is too large to fit all four colors around the record drum, you can still capture all four colors on the first pass with Macrotech's UltraLink.
Q. Is there any limit to the number or size of images that I can output to RIP record at one time?
A. There is no inherent limitation imposed by the UltraLink hardware. There is no limitation in the number of images recorded across the drum, other than the length of the drum itself. In practice, the real limitation around the drum is determined by several factors, including the performance of your hard disk, drum size and resolution. UltraLink software does allow you to limit the number of images around the drum to 16.
Q. What is involved with installation?
A. Installation can be completed in a few hours. It will be performed by a factory authorized service technician. Additionally, on-site training is available from the field person at the time of installation.
Q. How are updates and revisions performed?
A. Software updates will be posted on this web site. Licensed users are welcome to download the latest version of UltraLink Software. Another valuable feature of the UltraLink hardware is the ability to automatically perform most hardware updates with software updates. In the unlikely event that a hardware revision is required, new software versions come with the latest programmable hardware changes. It is completely automatic and does not require any user intervention. Other competing solutions require the board or system to be returned to the factory for even minor hardware updates. UltraLink's inherent ability to update hardware via software updates avoids downtime and the need to ship components back to the factory.
Q. What happens if I have trouble with the product, and how is it diagnosed?
A. UltraLink comes with an LCD display that reports diagnostic results and status in easy-to-read messages. These messages can be used to analyze the problem. Ultimately, if UltraLink is suspected of malfunctioning, it can easily be disconnected from the scanner by a non-technician to permit repair or analysis of the of condition of the scanner.
Q. What is your product warranty?
A. All Macrotech products come with a Limited One Year Warranty that covers parts and labor. The full legalized version is supplied with manuals and are available upon request. Additionally, Macrotech offers a 30-day money back refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product.
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