UltraLink RIP Capability

UltraLink adds the capability of processing and recording PostScript output to your scanner's record drum. Macrotech has combined the power of the Harlequin PowerPC PostScript software RIP (Raster Image Processor) with UltraLink to provide the most reliable and capable PostScript interface upgrade. Turning your record drum into an imagesetting device is an excellent cost effective solution, especially for large format recording. 

UltraLink can be utilized in a wide range of workflow configurations. PostScript output can originate from any variety of sources including OPI solutions. The Harlequin software RIP can run on the same desktop computer controlling output, or in a variety of other configurations. The UltraLink software can run in the background, allowing concurrent execution while preparing the next job. 

UltraLink's flexibility allows line screen rulings selected in the software RIP to be chosen independent of output resolution. Combined with the high performance of Fibre Channel, UltraLink can output at high resolutions that exceed the capability of SCSI based interfaces.

Unlike other interfaces that restrict you to a fixed layout configuration, Macrotech's UltraLink provides the ability to output arbitrary number and size combinations of post RIP files. The software can automatically optimize the layout placement and display the results in an easy-to-view graphical representation that can be reviewed or edited. Use this feature to conserve film and time while the operator performs other tasks during recording operations!

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