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Hardware Features and Benefits
  • PowerPC embedded processor for robust, reliable operation

  • 4 MB embedded memory permits reliable high resolution operation

  • Fibre Channel technology offers superior speed, reliability and distance

  • Modular, extensible interface design for future expansion capability

  • Surface mount technology for compact packaging of functionality

Software Features and Benefits
  • Graphical software interface allows easy operation
  • Scan/Record is performed in background allowing for multi-tasking
  • Images can be viewed while scanning is in progress
  • Multiple images can be RIP recorded at the same time
  • RIP Record can optimize the layout of images to conserve film space
  • RIP Record can record an arbitrary number of images
  • RIP Record is not restricted to 1x4, 1x2, 2x2, etc.
  • PowerPC Embedded Processor
  • 4MB of memory in controller side
  • LCD status and diagnostic display
  • Fibre Channel host adapter PCI card at 1 GB per second
System Requirements
  • Macintosh or MacOS compatible computer with PowerPC and PCI bus
  • 32 MB RAM or greater recommended
  • 2 GB disk space or greater recommended
  • MacOS 7.5 or greater recommended
  • 17" or greater color monitor recommended
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