Upgrade Your Dianippon Screen scanner and save thousands of dollars with UltraLinkô by Macrotech!

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UltraLink upgrades your Dianippon Screen scanner and recorder with the prepress capabilities needed in today's competitive market, providing a high performance, cost effective method to connect your high end color drum scanner to a Macintosh computer. You can scan images directly into your computer and edit the images with standard desktop publishing tools such as Adobe Photoshop or QuarkXPress. You can also output PostScript pages directly to your scanner's record drum.

Fast, four color scanning and recording is performed in a single pass. The full range of the scanner's color computer is maximized. Even very large or highly magnified images can be scanned in a single pass. Model specific features include automatic scan termination, terminal emulation, automatic configuration of scanner keypad, digital scanning and direct plotting.

UltraLink is a major evolution in link interface technology. It utilizes the latest Fibre Channel transfer technology for high-speed I/O and networking. The advantages of Fibre Channel are performance, distance, connectivity and flexibility. The product also contains a high performance PowerPC embedded microprocessor to ensure reliable operation in demanding circumstances.

UltraLink software contains numerous rich features in a familiar and friendly MacOS based graphical user interface... It's perfect for Power Mac G3 and G4 users! Calibration is implemented with GUI slider controls. Linearization can be controlled through a four color graph chart. Another significant design feature is an innovative method for optimizing placement of arbitrary size and number of RIP'd output files.

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